that for which you have boundless enthusiasm.
My first passion is my family, Leonette, my wife, Kristyn, my oldest daughter, and Brooklynn, my youngest. Leonette and I are high school sweethearts. Our first date was the Junior/Senior Prom my Junior year. We were married on February 14th and have been married for over 30 years. Collective “Awww, how sweet.”
My website includes many years of my photographic works. Be sure to check out my Wall Decor gallery hosted by FineArtAmerica. Stop by and pick out some photography décor or commission a photo for your home or office.
I take photos using my Nikon D750 and process them on my MacBookPro with Retina Screen. My process includes the use of color calibration tools (ColorChecker Passport, Datacolor Spyder4PRO).

Gary Adkins

Why Choose Me?
1. Because I ask that you choose me. This is my livelihood. I'm all in.
2. Why not choose me?
3. Appointments are scheduled exclusively for you. I always try to leave time before and after your appointment time. Everyone has unexpected delays that derail even the best plan.
4. 100% satisfaction guarantee. All my prints come with a lifetime guarantee. Even if it is no fault on my part, I will work with you to replace your image as the lowest price possible. If it is poor workmanship on my part, I will replace it at no charge to you.
5. Flexible package pricing. I do not want you to purchase anything just because I want to upsell you. Do I want you to spend money? Yes, but I never intend to leverage only giving you the one 5 x 7 you want by requiring you to also purchase 200 wallets.
6. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I will be here at the time you scheduled. I do not have an assistant to wine and dine you while I purposely come in an hour later.
7. I always use a plain white background and place your background in post-session. I adjust the background to blend with your choice of colors. Want an outside scene background? No problem. Using background replacement post-session, I can send you to the moon . . . Hollywood . . . beach . . .  mountains . . .
8. Basic retouching (ie, cuts, pimples, moles, scars, double chins, make up touchup, etc.) are included in my pricing. If you have special requests that may involve several additional hours, I will commit to a price and stick to it.
9. Flexibility. Last minute unavoidable changes do not mean you lose your deposit. As long as we have stayed in contact and you've respected my time and schedule, we'll work it out.
10. 1 person or 8, it doesn't matter to me. I do not add a fee for extra people (or pets).
11. Insurance. I have general liability insurance to protect both of us if the unthinkable happens. Props and stands are occasionally overlooked or misjudged. I hope you never have to use it, but it is there.
12. I operate in compliance with all state laws. Photographers are required to purchase a Privilege License each year. Sales tax is collected and submitted per NC Department of Revenue requirements.
13. If there is some reason we cannot work together, I'd rather part friends.

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